About Student-First Principles

Tomorrow's Leaders Deserve Better

Student-First Principles Coalition (S-FP) is based on the conviction that tomorrow’s leaders deserve better than what public schools in America are providing.  S-FP’s objective is to improve public schools since a large portion of America’s parents don’t have a reasonable opportunity to choose parochial or private schools and do not have the ability to home school.

COVID-19 mandates had a lot to do with the founding of S-FP.  When the schools were closed, parents had to stay home with their children.  Observing their children’s remote learning, parents were shocked at the culture and curriculum that their children had been subjected to without parent’s knowledge or consent.  When the parents spoke up at school board meetings, they were dismissed and advised to let the professionals make the decisions.  Even Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to be on the lookout for angry parents demanding accountability at school board meetings.

Central Illinois parents already knew that bullying existed in their schools, that teachers were constricted by the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL), and that academic achievement was on a steady decline for years.  Even so, they did not know that the woke agenda was so pervasive in their schools, that their children were treated as racist just because of their skin color, and that disgusting books and material were common here.  Parents presumed these were Louden County Virginia’s problems, and that it just can’t happen here.  Boy were they wrong.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most school boards concede almost all of their responsibility to the superintendent and/or believe that local boards are nearly powerless because of the ISBE’s rules. 

  • Student-First Principles Coalition asserts that school boards are elected to assume complete responsibility.  The Superintendent is their employee and is bound by the policies established by the school board. 
  • Student-First Principles Coalition also asserts that decisions made by school boards must be founded on what is best for the student.  S-FP does not condone lawlessness, but when the Illinois General Assembly, the ISBE, or the Teachers’ Union dictate anything that usurps the requirement to put students first, S-FP asserts that school boards must do everything in their power to minimize harm to our children.

Student-First Principles Coalition promotes school board accountability, election awareness, candidate support, and school support.  S-FP is non-partisan, neither party has a monopoly on putting children first.  S-FP was founded in October 2022 and the first priority was to recruit like minded candidates.  S-FP is currently working to help get these candidates elected.  S-FP is also just in the initial phase of creating school support outreach teams.  People who don’t want to run for office can also make a difference.

When, every day, public education puts students’ interests first, tomorrow’s leaders will be better prepared.